It’s all our fault

It’s all your fault.

The banks. The government. The recession. America. Mrs Rook. Every single thing that’s gone wrong, it’s your fault.

Because we are. Every single one of us. We can sit here, all day, every day, blaming other people, we blame the economy, and Europe, and the opposition, and the weather, and then we blame these vast sweeping tides of history like they’re out of our control. Like we’re so helpless and tiny and small. But it’s still our fault, and do you know why?

It’s that one pound t-shirt. A t-shirt that costs one pound. We can’t resist it. Every single one of us, we see a t-shirt that costs one pound, and we think, oh that’s a bargain, I’ll have that. And we buy it. Not for best. Heaven forfend. But a nice little t-shirt for the winter, to wear underneath, that’ll do. So the shopkeeper gets five miserable pence for that t-shirt. And some little peasant in a field gets paid nought point nought one pence, and we think that’s fine. All of us. We hand over that quid and buy into that system, for life. I saw it all going wrong, on the day it began. In supermarkets. When they replaced the women at the till with automated checkouts.

And I think we do like the checkouts! We want them. Because that means we can stroll right through, and pick up our shopping, and we don’t have to look that woman in the eye. The one who’s paid less than us. She’s gone. We got rid of her. Sacked! Well done. So yes, it’s our fault, this is the world that we built. Congratulations. Cheers, all!


From “Years and Years Watch it.


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